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Miner Meltdown discount

Miner Meltdown Easter Update!

The Miner Meltdown Easter Update ( is upon us!  New Weapons, New Game Type, Limited Edition Skin, All-time Low Price   33% Off Easter Sale! ON NOW! To celebrate Easter, Miner Meltdown is temporarily at an all-time low 33% off. Now is the best time to grab a copy for yourself, your cousins, and your

11 Apr 2017

v1.0.1.0 is Live! Multiplayer Bots and More went live this week! This update brings bots to multiplayer matches, and comes with a pile of fixes.   Check out the full patch notes HERE   What’s next on the docket? This month, Miner Meltdown is getting some new content, and I want your feedback on what you would like to see added

25 Mar 2017

v1.0.0.15 – BOTS BOTS BOTS IS LIVE! and this one’s a biggie! It introduces bots into the game that can be found in the solo play menu.   And next week, the bots will be added to multiplayer games as an optional lobby option. Try em’ out and let me know what you think! Thanks again for reading! Hope

10 Mar 2017

Miner Meltdown Available Now on Steam Early Access!!!

It’s been a long time coming, but Miner Meltdown is officially available through Steam Early Access!! Make your way over to our steam page and lets get you exploding some miners.   And don’t forget! By playing the game in its first week, you will have a chance at unlocking the limited edition Potato Skin!

23 Feb 2017
Pc Gamer Weekender

PC Gamer Weekender Expo this weekend!

Hey all, I’m excited to announce that Miner Meltdown will be hitting London England this weekend! at the PC Gamer Weekender Expo. Feb 18-19, stop by the Wargaming Labs indie showcase, and you’ll get a chance to play the game before it releases to Early Access next week. If your planning on attending, you can

16 Feb 2017
miner meltdown launch

Early Access Launch date, Beta #2 and more!

Hey Hey Hey! So! Last week I announced the official Steam Early Access launch date with is …   FEBRUARY 23 2017!!!!!   So a few weeks ago was the public beta, and it was awesome playing with you all! A ton of new beta requests came in right after the last beta ended, so

30 Jan 2017
Miner Meltdown

Dev Update #7 – Roadmap to Early Access

Hey All! It’s been a great couple months! The most recent updates were: Cool new sword swooshing!: Now it looks much less dumb, and you can also double swoosh Before: After: Beta Testing! I had another local beta test with the fine folks down at Thinking Big. Things went leaps and bounds better than the

21 Nov 2016
Miner Meltdown

Miner Meltdown Early Access Gameplay Trailer!

Here it is! Enjoy the official “Miner Meltdown Early Access Gameplay Trailer”. Miner Meltdown will be releasing in Steam “Early Access” February 2017 Oh, and if you’re not standing up thrusting after watching it, then I didn’t do my job

04 Oct 2016

Year 1: State of the Union

  Miner Meltdown has been in development for just over a year now, so I thought it would be a good time to look back at this past year to show the game’s progression thus far. The concept of the game has been floating in my head for years, but it wasn’t until July 2015 that I started

12 Sep 2016
miner meltdown alpha

Pre-alpha play-test party!

So, on Thursday, Miner Meltdown was officially unleashed into the wild during the pre-alpha play-test party that we threw at the new Startup Zone in Charlottetown. This was the first time that the game was played outside of close friends. SooOoo cool to see people actually playing the game against one another for the first time!! Also,

03 Jul 2016
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