Giveaway Alert!

One of Miner Meltdown’s most impressive features is its state of the art Troll Chat-Filter:

Is somebody bothering you in the chat? Well not only can you mute them, but you can also apply a flirty, a happy or a self-deprecative filter to them. This will turn anything they type in the chat into something…much different.

E.g, with a flirty filter.. Buster’s comment of “You stink at this game.” might get turned into “Not everybody has a body like you.”

Now I need you’re help! Help populate the list of happy or flirty phrases and you’ll be entered to win a sweet pair of Miner Meltdown socks, and 2 Miner Meltdown Steam keys.

Miner Meltdown Troll Filter Submission Giveaway

Note, the socks awarded will not have been previously worn by myself, or any other feet

** See terms and conditions for elligibility
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