Launch Update Preview

Launch Update Preview

Miner Meltdown’s transition from Early Access to Full Release is set for Aug 2nd, and there is a pile of new goodies coming with the launch update!
Let’s get to it!

New “Crazy King” game-type:

Enter the king zone to gain points for your team, first team to 150 wins. Oh..except the king zone keeps moving around the map constantly so don’t get too comfortable.

New Mutant Type: The Cuddler

These buggers will jump on your face and jumble up your controls. Luckily you and your teammates can shoot them off before they do too much damage.

New Destructo-duck weapon:

Fly this duck around the mines until you find your target. Careful though! Because your body will be vulnerable while you are controlling the duck.

Arrow Traps:

There’s another new way to die in the mines: Arrow Traps.

New Achievements:

Want more achievements? Well, you’re in luck because there are 51 new achievements coming with this new update.

Adjustable Bot Difficulties:

As the developer of the game, I’m even having a tough time beating these new “Hard” level bots.

A big ol’ pile of bug fixes:

Lots of stability improvements coming with this new update. The full patch notes will be coming with the launch update.

Just over 2 weeks until the big update 🙂 :)! See you soon in the mines!

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