Miner Meltdown has Officially RELEASED!

Miner Meltdown has Officially RELEASED!

Today’s the day! Miner Meltdown has left Early Access and gone Full Release!

To celebrate the game’s launch, you can grab a copy on Steam this week for 30% off!

This launch update is without a doubt that biggest update yet, with the biggest new features being:

  • New “Crazy King” game-type
  • New Mutant Type: “The Cuddler”
  • New Destructo-duck weapon
  • Arrow Traps
  • 51 New Achievements
  • Adjustable Bot Difficulties

There’s also a giant pile of fixes and improvements:

  • Smarter bots – No longer stop moving randomly, don’t twitch around bumps, don’t get stuck on chests
  • Maps randomized when starting lobby
  • Shorter default game times
  • Sword hitbox increased to reach enemies below the player
  • Added Page numbers to shop, to make it more obvious that there’s a second page
  • Increased assault rifle damage
  • Lowered Jetpack cost, players start with 25 gold
  • Faster level loading
  • Fix for: host can’t quit after player quits
  • Fix for: all players have the same voice
  • Fix for: hanging dead lobby
  • Fix for: floating dynamite
  • Fix for: bots pickaxe way too fast
  • Fix for: occasional hanging when it fails to load a match
  • Fix for: people not on leaderboard have access to leaderboard skin
  • Fix for: if players quits while under door, it stays open
  • Fix for: Drill arm occasionally not extending on client
  • Fix for: annoying merchant “swoosh” sounds while walking by him
  • Fixed tileset for entrance
  • Fix for: occasionally can’t equip with number keys
  • Fix for screen gets stuck shaking while drilling occasionally
  • Fix for: occasionally can’t equip item in inventory
  • Fix for: getting a daily bonus while in tutorial looks borked


It’s been a wild 2 years, and I’m so thankful for all of the support helping get to this point!
See you in the mines! 🙂
– James

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