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Year 1: State of the Union

  Miner Meltdown has been in development for just over a year now, so I thought it would be a good time to look back at this past year to show the game’s progression thus far. The concept of the game has been floating in my head for years, but it wasn’t until July 2015 that I started

12 Sep 2016
miner meltdown alpha

Pre-alpha play-test party!

So, on Thursday, Miner Meltdown was officially unleashed into the wild during the pre-alpha play-test party that we threw at the new Startup Zone in Charlottetown. This was the first time that the game was played outside of close friends. SooOoo cool to see people actually playing the game against one another for the first time!! Also,

03 Jul 2016

Miner Meltdown Dev Update #5

Hi guys!   This was a fun month! The main things on the docket were: Art implementation. Some small new features. Alpha prep. First off, here’s some of the new UI. The score bar’s been updated, new shop, new backpack (that part’s my favourite), new side menu for your equipped items, and new health display.

06 Jun 2016

Miner Meltdown Dev Update #4

Oh Hey!   So!.. Updates on the game have been a bit slow lately because for the last while, I have been deep in the dark hole of writing net-code, and I’m pretty happy with where it’s at!   When I started Miner Meltdown, I was using Unity’s networking library UNet. UNet made things super

12 May 2016

Cover Art

Super happy to show off Miner Meltdown’s cover art. It was done up by the amazing Brazilian artist Victor Estivador. Also! Miner Meltdown now has its own dedicated site. You can check it out here:, and stay up to date on the game’s upcoming beta news. Things are movin’!

14 Apr 2016

Art Updates!

Over the last month, the game is starting to look much different visually, and I’m quite happy with how it’s coming along! Here we go! Main Character Design A major feature that the audience has been asking for was arms (not really, but we made them anyways!) Before & After:     Mutants! In the

09 Mar 2016

Miner Meltdown Dev Update #3

Ahoy! and Happy New Years! Thought I should give an update on this past month’s progress just to let you know that I’m still here doing my codey’ thang. The theme of the month has been Steam integration & Networking. I’ve made the switch from using UNet Networking to creating my high level networking solution

07 Jan 2016

Miner Meltdown Dev Update #2

Just a short little update today to let you all know that this are moving along. I’m really happy with the progress made these last couple weeks. I initially wasn’t sure if I was going to include bots in the game, due to the complexities of having so many different gadgets and weapons (which can

25 Nov 2015

Greenlit on Steam Greenlight!

  After 16 days on Steam Greenlight, Miner Meltdown has officially been Greenlit! It was absolutely awesome to hear such great feedback from so many people. Thanks so much for everyone’s votes. I’m going to work my butt off to make sure that Miner Meltdown explodes your face with awesomeness when it’s released.   So

02 Nov 2015

Debut Trailer and Steam Greenlight Launch!

So today we showed off our first real look at Miner Meltdown with our debut trailer, and also launched our Steam Greenlight campaign. The reception so far has been awesome which feels pretty darn amazing!   We have quite the task ahead to crack the top 100 of Steam Greenlight so I very much appreciate

12 Oct 2015
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