1 Month Away From Full Release!

1 Month Away From Full Release!

So, Miner Meltdown is officially 1 month away from its transition from Early Access to Full Release!

Many have asked me what is the difference of being in Early Access vs Full Release: When Miner Meltdown hit Early Access, it had 1 game-mode, no bots, no unlockable items, and it wasn’t overly hard to find a fair share of bugs. It was playable, but definitely not a complete game. The game is now very close to being the game that I envisioned making, and this next update will mark a big milestone.

I’m aligning the game’s biggest update yet with its full release: New weapons, brand new gametype, and more surprises!
I’ll share more details on the new features as we get closer to the date!

Miner Meltdown has made huge strides since hitting Early Access in February, and I’m super thankful to the community for helping shape the direction of the game.

Stay tuned!
– James

And P.S, If you haven’t already picked up the game, it’s still 40% for the Steam Summer Sale!

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