Miner Meltdown Dev Update #3

Miner Meltdown Dev Update #3

Ahoy! and Happy New Years!

Thought I should give an update on this past month’s progress just to let you know that I’m still here doing my codey’ thang.

The theme of the month has been Steam integration & Networking. I’ve made the switch from using UNet Networking to creating my high level networking solution leveraging Steam’s low-level networking calls. The upside of this is that it’s going to be more stable and all-around more awesome when it’s all setup. The downside of this is that I don’t have any fun new explosions or zombie mutilations to show you today.

BUT! Art. The feedback on Steam Greenlight was amazing, but biggest criticism that I heard was that it was difficult to differentiate between the foreground and the background. I’m super happy with the artist that I’ve been working with, and I’m really excited to show off some pretty new pictures soon.

Well I’m going to cut this one short because I doubt that all of you are interested in hearing about my ports and sockets. They aren’t as fun as this cute little socket makes them out to be


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