Miner Meltdown Dev Update #4

Miner Meltdown Dev Update #4

Oh Hey!


So!.. Updates on the game have been a bit slow lately because for the last while, I have been deep in the dark hole of writing net-code, and I’m pretty happy with where it’s at!


When I started Miner Meltdown, I was using Unity’s networking library UNet. UNet made things super easy and life was good, however there were some huge question marks looming. Ultimately, in order to use UNet’s matchmaking, your game needs to send each networking message through Unity’s Relay Servers. I won’t get technical here, but this ultimately led to a level lag that I wasn’t happy with. So! I thought it would be fun to write my own custom networking solution.

This took a long time..

But it’s working! Still lots of optimizations that need to happen, but it’s already running much smoother than it did while using UNet. And now I can get back to working on the fun stuff, (After this blog post, I’m about to implement some new blood/explosion effects into the game 🙂 ). The game’s alpha is still scheduled for July, so if you haven’t already signed up then you can do so here

Updates should be flying out more frequently now that the networking stuff is working!


Oh, and I have a giant pile of upgraded sprites that I am currently implementing, here’s the game’s new rocket launcher!


Thanks again for reading!

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